Zbog njih ćete potrčati u teretanu: 20 najseksi fitnes instruktorki na svetu - Men`s Health

Zbog njih ćete potrčati u teretanu: 20 najseksi fitnes instruktorki na svetu

Ako ste poput nas, onda provodite više vremena nego što biste hteli listajući instagram i diveći se ljudima koji vas inspirišu da date svoj maksimum u teretani. Bez premca ova društvena mreža je najveća platforma za promociju fitnesa na svetu, i postoji bezbroj trenera i fitnes modela koji snabdevaju potrebnu dozu motivacije za mnogobrojne pratioce.

Kada već provodimo toliko vremena vežbajući motoriku palca, onda je bitno i da zapratimo one koji nas mogu “naterati” da se pokrenemo!

Predstavljamo vam najseksipilnije pripadnice lepšeg pola, top fitnes modele koje smo mi zapratili (sa velikim simpatijama) u nadi da će vam baš one dati taj potreban dodatak energije. Šta čekate, zapratite ih!

1. Kolumbijski fitnes model Anela Sagra


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2. Prezgodna Amerikanka Karina El


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I’ve been spending a lot more time unplugged lately- enjoying traveling, friendships, and being completely present in the moment. 💗✌🏼 • But I feel like in ‘living my best life’ I am relentlessly reminded of the message I want to keep sharing on this platform. ✨☀️ • My mantra is and will always be ‘do it from the inside out.’ Because the world reminds me to keep coming home, to my core belonging- beyond the body-where my mind + soul lives. To feed it nutritious foods, inspiring knowledge, kind words, and train to make it strong and stable. That’s what my muscles represent to me. 💪🏼🏡 • So when people or life throw a few rocks at you, use them to build your monument. Stone by stone, day by day, watch it grow taller and keep on keeping on. It’s been workin for me! ☺️🙌🏻Hope you all are having a beautiful, productive, happy week! 🌸⚡️

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3. Fitnes ekspert Ana Viktorija

4. Seksi mama Kelsi Vels

5. Fitnes model iz Njujorka Džen Selter


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Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life, will come and stay 💕

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6. Lepotica iz Venecuele Mišel Luin


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One last one before Miami bound again, ok? 🇸🇪🔜🇺🇸

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7. Isklesana Katja Elis Henri

8. Argentinka Valentina Lekeus


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🔥 ‼️Favorite LEGS & BOOTY 🍑 EXERCISES ‼️🔥 – Comment below any questions I’ll be here 💁🏼‍♀️ – 1️⃣ BACK SQUAT: As many of us know, this is the king of all exercises, it has tons of variations and techniques, however if you wanna focus on building muscle and get the most out of this movement focus on staying around 8-15 reps and make sure to go either parallel to the floor or little below parallel. Stance will depend on your focus; narrow stance will make you engage mostly quads and create difficulties you go below parallel if you have mobility issues, recommended stance to begin with is little outside or shoulder width apart. Use a weight you can control for the amount of reps in your routine, the better technique you have the more muscle fibers you engage. 2️⃣ LONG STANCE BULGARIAN SQUATS: Once you have a good balance performing this exercise, it allows you to drop your hips below knee level and have a engagement of your glutes and glute hamstring tie in. Excellent for that saggy under butt area. Suggested reps 8-15. 3️⃣ REVERSE LUNGE W/ SLIDES: The slider removes impact of your knees and removes some tension of your quad, creating more focus in the extension of your glutes. Suggested reps 8-15. 4️⃣ BANDED HYPER EXTENSION W/ FEET POINTING OUTSIDE: Excellent finisher for a glute session also engages hamstring and lower back. Suggested reps 15-20. 5️⃣ SINGLE LEG SQUATTING BANDED ABDUCTION: This one is for real one of my favorites because the resting leg stay engaged in squat position creating a great deal of tension in your glutes and quads. This one is better based on time ON and OFF 30 seconds per leg and rest 30 seconds for 4-5 sets.

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9. Bikini i fitnes model iz Portorika Ana Delija


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W e e k e n d V i b e s! #HappyFriday ✌🏼 @ana.delia_

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10. Model i instruktor Amanda Li


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Made you look💋 Wearing @fashionnova

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11. Amerikanka Džen Hjuid

12. Lepotica iz Las Vegasa Tana Kogan

13. Atraktivna Ešli Horner

14. Trener Heder Marš

15. Amerikanka španskog porekla Ensli Rodrigez


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Hi. I’m Ainsley and I don’t have 20/20 vision 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m 5’4 and I can’t remember the last time I stepped on a scale. There are days I feel great and there are also days where I feel uncomfortable, ugly and not so great. I eat a balanced diet most of the time. I don’t count calories, macros or build, bulk or drop at any point during the year. I don’t binge all day Sunday and starve myself the other six days. I don’t punish myself for having a burger on a Tuesday night. I train hard and workout about 4 days/week but sometimes other priorities supersede. – I have built a LIFE around balance and this mindset stems much beyond the area of health and fitness. I make time and prioritize what is most important to me and no, it’s not always the gym. You may see me munching on cookies or sipping a giant glass of Malbec 🍷 but please don’t chalk it up to ‘genetics’ or ‘getting to workout all day’…Because I don’t. I am still very much a regular person and will always be a work in progress. Start to change one thing today that will help you live a more balanced, happy, healthy life. Whether it’s finding time to call a friend or a brisk walk around the neighborhood, just start. Consistency is key but never sacrifice your dreams or the things you love. What once seemed like a burden will inevitably just feel like a way of living. 🙏🏼 – #WorkHardPlayHard 👉🏼 DM your e📬 for info on my programs 💪🏻

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16. Kolumbijka Sonja Isaza


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BÍCEPS💪🏽 . 4 series @nitrofitoficial💊🔥

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17. Semi Bi


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This is as festive as I get for Halloween 😈🤷🏼‍♀️⠀ ⠀ I didddd, however, have a Butterfinger 🍬 before my Glute workout today! It was a nice little preworkout and definitely put those grams of sugar to good use !!! ⠀ ⠀ Wanna follow the BOOTY workout I did today? 🔥😱 ⠀ ⠀ It’s all up on my story right now 👆🏼 !! Go watch and recreate it tomorrow after the potential candy bingeeee tonight ! 🍬🍫🍭 ⠀ ⠀ Outfit by @ptulaactive. Wearing the Laura Long Sleeve in Eggplant (medium) – it’s a full length shirt but I tied it and pulled it higher for this photo 😂🙈 … And the Mayra Plush Legging in Black – Medium. Anddd this Burnt Orange babyyy is our new Veronica Sports Bra coming UBERRRRR SOOOOON! 🎃🔥♥️ ⠀ ⠀ Happy Trick or Treating, Instagram Fam! #trickortreat #halloween #halloweennight #pumpkins #spooky

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18. Bikini i fitnes model iz Kolumbije Rozana Kordoba


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19. Instruktorka iz Los Anđelesa Lulija Danilova

20. Personalni trener Kasandra Dejvis

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